Organic Abstract Art

Unique paintings & photography by Stuart Hodgson

Inspired by Nature

Crafted by Stuart Hodgson

Hello! This website features the artwork of me, Stuart Hodgson, an abstract artist based in North-East England.

I’m a graphic designer by day operating in a digital realm where a computer is my main  tool, and it’s a nice contrast working to my own briefs by producing original and unique paintings in an organic and hands-on manner that is free of the computer.

My artistic work is in it’s infancy, having developed this way of working only relatively recently after trying out a variety of artistic approaches. If you like my work then feel free to get in touch or follow me on instagram. I’m open to commissions and producing prints.

A unique & organic process inspired by nature

The abstract artwork I produce is unique and all pieces are truely one-offs, an expressive moment captured in time that can never be repeated.  

The experimental interaction of paint and additives take on a life of their own, and almost create the painting themselves. It’s a case setting the conditions and away it goes in a naturalistic and intuitive process. 

This organic style of painting is evocative of nature and looks almost like satellite imagery of strange landscapes, distant planets or magnified natural elements, and perhaps also represents a more internal nature of the artist too? 

Abstract Art

Below is a glimpse into the unique and abstract paintings that I create. The pieces are very organic and have a natural feel, with the interaction of paint always resulting in a different and unique outcome.  

Abstract Photography

I also enjoy abstract photography, with nature, water  & the elements being a focus of inspiration. Like my paintings – the photographs capture a unque moment in time that can not be planned or repeated.

Contact Stuart

My art is just in it’s infancy, but I’m open to original commissions and prints are also available. Just drop me an email to find out more.